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TheFork is the first and leading online restaurant discovery and booking platform in Europe, showcasing over 60,000 best dining spots across 11 countries. 

As a pioneer in the industry, TheFork has revolutionized how diners explore, select, and secure restaurant reservations effortlessly. The platform connects food enthusiasts with unique culinary experiences, fostering a vibrant community of restaurants and diners. 

TheFork focuses on delivering the best customer experience to each and every user. They plan and conduct A/B tests and experiments to find out which solutions work best for their clients. One important aspect of that optimization effort was blocked and that is where Vecton came in, to remove the technical obstacles and enable further improvements.

The Challenge

TheFork faced technical challenges that hindered their ability to fully optimize certain CRM campaign processes within their marketing automation platform. They sought a solution that could overcome these limitations and enhance their customer engagement strategy.

Vecton’s Solution

Vecton was picked for the job thanks to strong technical expertise in marketing automation, but most importantly the ability to go beyond platform limitations. We crafted a tailored automation strategy to meet TheFork’s specific requirements.

Vecton’s technical team, with extensive experience in resolving numerous CRM-related technical challenges, not only presented a clearly described custom solution but also has prepared the entire and functional technical setup. Additionally, they trained TheFork’s team on how to safely and effectively implement this solution into production.

From the get-go, Vecton has demonstrated unparalleled agility and efficiency in upgrading our technical setup in our Customer Engagement Platform. They have prepared an elegant technical solution to overpass blockers that we were facing in our CRM campaigns. Vecton’s nimbleness, responsiveness and expertise have impressed us. Highly recommended for any business seeking top-notch customer engagement solutions.

Marco Bardicchia, Global CRM Director at TheFork


By leveraging technology and personalization, Vecton helped TheFork to improve customer engagement and satisfaction. This case highlights Vecton’s commitment to expanding the boundaries of marketing automation, ensuring our clients stay at the forefront of industry trends and technology.

If you want to know how we can support you in utilizing the full potential of your CRM and marketing automation, let us know at We would love to partner throughout your personalization journey.