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vecton implementing live chat

Live Chat is a pillar of customer satisfaction. It is also a basic concept that every e-commerce business should try out. It has many advantages that will make your online business successful, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article, you will learn why you should implement Live Chat and how to do it ‘the right way’.

1. Boost your customers’ satisfaction 

Live Chat significantly reduces the waiting time for an interaction with a consultant. Thanks to this, customers receive immediate answers to their questions, without the need to call the hotline just to wait a few minutes for help. Most of the Live Chat implementation tools show the consultant which subpage the customer is contacting you from. This allows the issue to be quickly verified. Based on this, we can provide the consumer with all the information she needs, as well as information she has not even thought of. Your customer will have more options than ever before.

2. Higher conversion rate

Numerous studies show that customers who engage in Live Chat before purchasing the product have significantly higher conversion rates. This is especially noticeable during the COVID-19 pandemic, where most stationary stores remain closed. For many businesses, a well-trained live chat consultant can provide high return on investment. Often, customers are unable to find a product that meets their needs and seek advice. Thanks to Live Chat, people who will contact the consultant with a problem, can solve their issue within seconds so it can accelerate the customer purchasing decision. Another example are companies whose customers are characterized by low technological advancement. In this case, the online shopping path is quite complicated for users, they need support that can be obtained on an ongoing basis during a conversation with a consultant.

3. Priceless feedback

Live Chat is a digital channel where everything is recorded which helps to analyze and identify issues causing problems for customers. You can find out what problems customers are facing in the purchasing process, what information they are looking for, what made a good first impression on them and what needs improvement. It also allows you to collect many opinions about your online store, including the negative ones. This will help you optimize your website.

Live chat support is one the most engaging, efficient ways to delight your customers. It can help you grow the potential of your company. However, you must remember about proper implementation. Here are the tips to help you with this:

  • Train your live chat support consultants adequate, to maintain a high level of customer care;
  • Engage the appropriate number of consultants to respond to user inquiries on an ongoing basis;
  • Educate yourself on common scenarios for users participating in Live Chat;
  • Maintain your live chat support in efficient way without sounding like a robot;
  • Analyze the customers satisfaction;
  • Build a long-lasting relationship with the customers based on excellent customer services.

Many Marketing Automation tools offer better Live Chat modules. Do you want to use them in your company, but you don’t know which ones to choose? Do you need support in operating your Customer Data Platform system? Or maybe your marketing team only needs expert recommendations? We will be more than happy to help you. Contact us and let’s use the potential of marketing automation together.