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Plan a message sequence

This year we expect a Black Week rather than just a Black Friday. While planning your campaign invest your time in preparing a well-conceived sequence of messages that will be sent to your customers in all available communication channels. If a client hasn’t opened your email or hasn’t clicked your ad, then you can assume that they didn’t notice the message. If so, it’s good to repeat it in another channel . If they noticed your message, then it’s time to change the creation according to your plan prepared in advance. It’s important to ensure the change occurs in all channels, not only in the one where the client has reacted.

Take the chance of customer loyalization

The Black Friday is a great opportunity to enhance relations with customers and to improve their loyalty in general. Of course, it’s not easy to break through the crowd of Black Friday messages, but remember that those who already had any experience with your brand will be inclined to notice your message. Especially if your message is personalised and exceptional. That’s why it is worth it to prepare something special for your loyal clients.

Take care of your email domain reputation

You probably already use the best practices for email campaign sending. Don’t neglect it during the Black Friday period, otherwise you can lose more in the long term than earn in the short one. For sure, don’t send massive email campaigns to all your contacts that are inactive for more than 6 months, because in this case your email domain reputation may be ruined.

Use personalized web-push messages

You can use web-push messages just like email or SMS as an element of message sequence in your automation scenarios. It’s a common case that segments of people who interact actively on each of these channels are quite separable. That’s why integration of all these channels in mulit-channel automation scenarios significantly extends the reach of your campaigns. Web-push texts may be personalised in the same way as they are in emails or SMSes. Moreover it is a free communication channel.

Send SMSes wisely

SMS is a paid communication channel and, in addition, intrusive. Treat it carefully and use it only if you have a personalised and attractive offer for a recipient. There is a good practice to send messages via the other channels at the beginning and then sending SMSes only to those customers who didn’t react to the first messages.


If you already have a Marketing Automation platform, you probably have many multichannel communication capabilities. If you don’t use these technologies yet, or if you feel that you don’t use their full potential – reach out to us!