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Bloomreach partner

This month we celebrate 3 years of our successful partnership with Bloomreach. It’s been a fantastic journey for us at Vecton – from a small, local agency when we started, to a company bringing value to companies around the world today. Each day we’ve been focusing our mission to empower companies in having the know-how, expertise and experienced specialists to ensure growth and success with the best marketing automation and CRM technology. We wish to thank Bloomreach, and all the clients, for each day of this successful journey!

Our partnership has many areas of collaboration and we would like to share with you the most exciting and important ones:

1. Enhancing the Bloomreach Product: Vecton experts were part of Bloomreach product development, focusing especially on the customer segmentation and personalization aspects, to bring new Bloomreach product functionalities enabling growth through personalization.

2. Spreading the Word: You may have seen Vecton and Bloomreach together hosting conferences and presenting at events, where we evangelized about the value of great technology and its practical use cases.

3. Transforming CRM to the New Level: We collaborated to migrate companies from simpler tools to the best-in-class technology stack setups.

4. Ensuring Growth with Bloomreach: Probably the most emphasis and focus we’ve been putting on close collaboration with clients using Bloomreach technology in order to ensure their unstoppable growth with that platform through various strategies and tactics.

Enhancing the Bloomreach Product

Both Vecton and Bloomreach share the mission of empowering companies to leverage data and lead to greater profitability and fast business growth. The greatest potential to achieve that goal is the Bloomreach platform itself, being used by hundreds of companies worldwide and providing an astonishing range of possibilities for its clients. Therefore, at Vecton we are especially proud of participating in developing the Bloomreach platform and launching new functionalities to its customers.

During the last two years, at Vecton we were engaged in the Real-Time Segments project which resulted in the official product launch in 2023. Vecton experts were responsible for finding the best customer segmentations to personalize the buying experience and improve conversion, AOV and – most importantly – Revenue per Visitor.

We couldn’t find a better partner for the Real-Time Segments development because Vecton experts not only have a deep understanding of the Bloomreach platform but also have the exceptional ability to transform large behavioral data into such customer segmentations which lead to tangible business results for our clients. To me, Vecton guys felt like an extension of the Bloomreach family for those projects. 

Frank Passantino, Product Management Director at Bloomreach

Spreading the Word

Technology is chosen by people based on their needs and must be understood before the decision is mad about adopting it by a particular organization. Not surprisingly, many conversations take place throughout this process. At Vecton, we love spreading the word about the latest technologies in the market. 

With Bloomreach, we not only cross paths and meet at conferences but also collaborate on initiatives such as Lunch & Learn education sessions, Customer Experience Live events, and participate together in major conferences like the Retail Summit in Poland.

What I value in partnership with Vecton is their unwavering commitment to staying closely connected with their customers and advocating for the interests of each client. They are obsessed with their mission of helping companies to succeed by investing into cutting-edge technologies. In my perspective Vecton not only delivers great services but serves as a dynamic catalyst for driving growth across the entire market.

David Popovic, Channel Sales Lead CEE & SE at Bloomreach

Transforming CRM to the New Level

As companies grow, their technological needs change and sometimes they come to the point when change is inevitable to further increase the scale. In such challenging moments it is important to be guided by someone experienced. As Vecton we already migrated 10 companies from simpler to more advanced CRM platforms, most of them – to Bloomreach Engagement. 

We developed and proven in practice a set of useful frameworks: from CRM strategy development framework and CRM platform comparison process, through a set of predefined customer segmentations and the quality assurance framework, to the reporting best practices. All that know-how helps our clients to efficiently and quickly upgrade to the new level of best-in-class technology and limitless growth opportunities.

We feel reinforced to have such a partner throughout all stages of marketing automation. From devising the strategy, support in technology and data architecture setup, and implementing it in line with our business goals. We can always rely on Vecton’s consultation and knowledge sharing, which helps us to make the best use of Bloomreach platform capabilities.

Ariel Nosal, E-Commerce Director, SFD S.A.

Ensuring Growth with Bloomreach

Thanks to the advanced features and broad functionality of the Bloomreach platform, there are countless paths to success with this technology. As Vecton, we specialize in guiding businesses through the myriad possibilities and effectively implementing their growth strategy. Our clients appreciate us for support in strategic planning as well as for our operational efficiency, which is why we continue collaborations over the years. 

We adopt an individualized approach for each client as we strongly believe that true success in business can start only from understanding of the customer. For each of our clients we dedicate a team of CRM consultants who work hand-in-hand and provide support from crafting the CRM strategy, through its execution, to education and helping our clients in becoming self-sufficient in their further growth.

It’s already the third year of our continuous collaboration with Vecton. Over that time Vecton has proven to be the real and reliable partner for us, especially in architecting and managing the data and analyses focused on online and offline channels in Bloomreach. Thanks to Vecton’s expertise we can successfully advance with developing data-driven marketing. 

Pal Waagbo, Head of Digital Marketing and Customer Data at Wagamama

If you’re interested in discovering the value of Bloomreach technology or you want to know how we can support you in utilizing the full potential of CDP, CRM or marketing automation, let us know at