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Although wagamama product experience is physical, the digital technology adds additional value to the omnichannel customer experience. wagamama teamed up with Vecton – an experienced CRM consultancy agency – in architecting and utilizing the advanced digital technologies to elevate customer relationships and loyalty.

Example outcomes of the collaboration are:

  • ‘wagamama wrapped’ personalized email campaign to over 1 mln recipients with open rate above 65%
  • Personalized retention email automation based on offline orders, with email open rate above 60% and click to open rate above 17% 
  • A/B testing and data analysis of restaurant guests’ retention initiatives with clear findings

Vecton is a true expert in this field. A key reason why I value working with them is that we’re so aligned, it’s like we can finish each other’s sentences. Both Vecton and wagamama share a passion for delivering standout data-driven results and customer experiences. We continuously push each other to exceed the highest standards, while consistently ensuring the right balance of outstanding client satisfaction alongside driving strong commercial outcomes. This partnership is so integral that here at wagamama, we genuinely view Vecton as an extension of our own team. Our in-house staff frequently shares how happy they are with the work Vecton delivers. 

Pal Erik Waagbo, Head of Digital Marketing and Customer Data at wagamama

1. ‘wagamama wrapped’ campaign 

wagamama’s ambition to personalize email campaigns for a vast audience of over 1 million recipients was matched by Vecton’s CRM expertise and data-driven focus. Vecton helped to orchestrate the integration of offline data in wagamama’s CRM platform – Bloomreach – to ensure a rich Single Customer View, containing data from physical and digital worlds in one place. 

With meticulous attention to detail, Vecton collaborated closely with wagamama and engineered personalized campaigns, one of which was ‘wagamama wrapped’ – a special email campaign with data-driven annual summary of guests’ favorite dishes, along with customer profiling for the best possible personalization.

By delivering high-quality, personalized emails, to all their targeted customers, irrespective of devices or systems, wagamama strengthened their relationship with customers. The campaign achieved remarkable success, boasting an impressive email open rate exceeding 65%.

2. Personalized retention email automation 

Increasing customer retention rates in the competitive restaurant industry demanded a strategic approach to email marketing.

The joint team of wagamama and Vecton leveraged the offline behavior data to design and implement highly personalized email automation campaigns. With a keen understanding of customer motivations, effective incentives and timing, the team crafted campaigns tailored to individual preferences to maximize customer retention.

Our tailored approach yielded impressive results, with an email open rate of over 60% and a click-to-open rate exceeding 17%. Through our collaborative efforts, wagamama witnessed a significant uptick in customer retention metrics, reaffirming the effectiveness of our data-driven strategies.

3. Retention patterns learning

wagamama sought to gain deeper insights into the factors driving restaurant customers’ loyalty.

Through a collaborative effort in experiments and analytical exploration with Vecton, with rigorous A/B testing and retention metrics calculation, the team uncovered key retention patterns. Vecton’s partnership ensured a structured approach to data analysis and provided a robust analytical framework, enabling wagamama to derive actionable insights from their large scale experiments. 

Armed with a clearer understanding of the nuances driving customer loyalty, wagamama could refine their CRM strategies and make informed decisions to nurture long-term customer relationships effectively.

I’m enthusiastic about our collaboration with wagamama because we are building a truly omni-channel personalized experience for the end customers. Thanks to the identification of customers in venues and the use of Bloomreach CDP features, we are able to connect customer data across all marketing channels within one platform. This enables us to deploy omnichannel strategies that drive customer engagement and retention.

Kornel Foks, Senior CRM & Marketing Automation Specialist at Vecton


In conclusion, Vecton’s collaboration with wagamama exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative and customized CRM solutions. Through our expertise and dedication, we empowered wagamama to achieve CRM excellence and drive measurable business outcomes. As we continue to partner with visionary brands like wagamama, we remain steadfast in our mission to deliver the highest quality in CRM consultancy. Stay tuned for more success stories from Vecton!