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Champions' Club

We are delighted to share a recap of the Champions Club training event held on March 14th in Warsaw. This gathering brought together industry leaders and professionals from large B2C companies equipped with extensive digital channels and a focus on large-scale marketing automation activities. As the organizers together with Bloomreach, we were proud to facilitate this learning experience centered on innovative CRM strategies and the latest AI-powered features. 

Key Learnings

The event was structured around four key sessions, each designed to delve into different aspects of CRM and marketing automation, fostering a learning environment and encouraging discussions among participants.

Building a CRM Strategy

The opening session, led by Sławek Pliszka and Karolina Lipińska, focused on the foundational concepts necessary for crafting an effective CRM strategy. Participants were introduced to the theoretical frameworks and practical steps involved in building a CRM strategy, illustrated with examples of how Marketing Automation can support these efforts, especially through platforms like Bloomreach. 

The backbone of any growth strategy is the Customer-centric approach. That is why we delved into the Customer lifecycle framework and focused on each stage of the Customer Journey with inspirations to practical use cases in each cycle stage.

Exploring Modern Technology in CRM

Arek Kustra and Klaudia Poleszak took the stage to discuss the pivotal role of modern CRM technologies in enhancing strategic marketing efforts. They highlighted how these platforms facilitate data activation and leverage AI to streamline and optimize marketing processes, providing real-life examples of successful implementations.

Interactive Workshop: Tackling Real Business Challenges with CRM Tools

The workshop segment of our event was particularly engaging, with attendees divided into small groups to tackle specific business cases related to CRM and Marketing Automation. 

Each group, led by experienced moderators, discussed potential solutions and strategies, culminating in presentations where they shared their insights and proposed solutions with all participants. This session was an excellent opportunity for hands-on learning and networking.

Fireside Chat

The event wrapped up with a fireside chat. This session featured insights from Vecton and representatives from Bloomreach. This discussion allowed an open exchange of ideas concerning the future of CRM and AI, highlighting diverse perspectives and shared industry challenges.

Networking and Collaborative Opportunities

A significant aspect of the Champions’ Club event was its opportunity for participants to network, and form meaningful connections. The breaks and interactive sessions were buzzing with discussions, as attendees exchanged ideas, discussed potential collaborations, and shared their experiences and challenges in implementing CRM and AI technologies in their respective organizations.

Here are some participant testimonials showcasing the experiences and insights gained during the event

Dawid Koleśnik – Supersklep: “It was great to meet both practitioners and current users of the Bloomreach system, as well as Vecton’s clients. It was enriching to exchange experiences with industry peers and learn something new.”

Michał Wojas – Wojas: “My impressions from the Champions’ Club event in Warsaw are very positive, especially the workshop part at the end where we could develop a CRM strategy for a selected company, as a group. It was a refreshing change from the routine, allowing us to step into another company’s shoe, another industry, which was an intriguing part of the day. The lectures and the closing conversation with Paweł were also very inspiring.”

Katarzyna Dudek – Artgeist: “Regarding my impressions from today’s meeting, I am simply delighted. There was a great segment about how to guide a client through the different stages one by one. Many of these elements are already well-managed in our company, which only reinforces my feeling that we are heading in the right direction.”

We sincerely thank all participants, speakers, and partners, particularly our co-host Bloomreach, for their role in the event’s success. Special thanks to expert speakers Sławek Pliszka, Klaudia Poleszak, and Arek Kustra for your valuable insights and enriching discussions.

We remain dedicated to leading innovation in CRM and marketing automation. We are excited about future opportunities to support our clients and partners in achieving outstanding business results with advanced CRM strategies and technologies.

Thank you for joining this transformative experience. We hope the insights and connections from the Champions’ Club event will enhance your professional journey and benefit your organization.

Explore our event photo gallery below!