Skip to content will implement one of the most advanced marketing automation platforms – Bloomreach Engagement. Vecton Agency advises on platform configuration, integration architecture, and the implementation of personalized automations., the largest multiagent on the Polish tourism market, and the leading travel e-commerce platform in Poland, is making a strategic leap by integrating Bloomreach, one of the most advanced marketing automation platforms. This move is not just about technology; it’s about redefining the customer experience. Maciej Konopka, the Traffic Acquisition Director at emphasizes the vision behind this move – building a sustainable competitive advantage while providing customers with the highest quality of experiences.

Our collaborative journey with is set to unfold over the next two years, concentrating on the deployment of Bloomreach’s innovative solutions. At Vecton, our role is integral in this transformative process. Leveraging our deep expertise in the intricate field of marketing automation, we have been instrumental in guiding through the platform selection and will continue to provide strategic counsel during the implementation phase.

The CRM integration team at Vecton guides through all the stages of platform integration and configuration of the data flows and communication channels. In parallel, Vecton’s business consulting team supports in the migration of CRM automations to the new system. Vecton’s role in this project is focused on utilizing the advanced, AI-based features of Bloomreach Engagement, to enhance customer engagement, conversion and retention. 

I would like to thank the Vecton team, our strategic partner in this venture, for their invaluable advice and support. Vecton helped us through the whole process at both strategy and implementation level.

Maciej Konopka

Maciej Konopka, Traffic acquisition director at