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In recent years, the strong shift of offline retail into the digital domain, presented both obstacles and fresh opportunities for establishing connections between companies and clients. Wojas, a renowned footwear manufacturer, recognized the importance of delivering personalized experience, similar to the company’s offline shop standards. Over the past 2 years, through strategic partnership with Vecton, Wojas has been improving its digital experience using Bloomreach technology.

One example of our collaboration involves leveraging zero-party data and AI content generation to create hyper-personalized newsletter campaigns. Let’s dive into how this solution has brought great results for Wojas.

Wojas S.A. is a renowned leader in producing and distributing high-quality footwear and leather goods. With a rich heritage spanning several decades, the company has become a trusted brand both domestically and internationally. They have been listed on the Stock Exchange and offer their products through nearly 150 company-owned stores across Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Additionally, they cater to e-commerce customers from all around the world.

Together with Vecton consultants, Wojas has implemented the Bloomreach Engagement Customer Data Platform, aiming to meet their clients’ needs by combining offline and online experiences and fostering lasting relationships. The company understands that comprehending and satisfying their users is a key factor for success.
It started with skillfully executed integration of data and technology, and ended as a solid groundwork for an enduring journey of understanding and connecting with customers on a deeper level. Now, Vecton’s role is to continuously empower the effective utilization of the technology to reach this goal. 


  • Understand and identify the main customer segments to tailor marketing communication on a large scale.
  • Reach thousands of clients with a personalized approach, offering relevant recommendations and promotions that cater to their preferences and styles.
  • Personalize content within extensive campaigns to accommodate unique customer preferences.


  • Utilizing automated customer surveys (zero-party data) in conjunction with an extensive 360 user profile that collects customer information.
  • Creating micro segments of customers based on preferred fashion styles and other characteristics such as gender, age, and devices.
  • Utilizing ChatGPT to assist in generating many different variants of content tailored to each customer microsegment.

Zero-party data refers to personal information voluntarily shared by customers, including their preferences, interests, and intentions. When combined with the data collected in Bloomreach (such as order history, recently viewed products, and mobile device type), it becomes a powerful tool for understanding and delivering more relevant interactions. This approach allowed for the creation of microsegments based on customer preferences and facilitated customized communication. AI technology enabled the implementation and testing of numerous personalized content variants for each customer microsegment.

The combination of data-driven insights and advanced technology capabilities has empowered Wojas to continuously enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to remarkable growth.

* Zero-party data is crucial as it provides explicit information willingly shared by customers themselves. Nowadays, this type of data is preferred to invest in by businesses over cookies (third party data) due to its voluntary nature, higher reliability, and compliance with privacy regulations, making it a more valuable and long term competitive advantage in personalized marketing and customer engagement.

Results: +19% Revenue per Email Recipient, +27% Average Order Value 

With the support of Vecton and the utilization of Bloomreach Engagement, Wojas has achieved innovation, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and sales growth. The personalized email campaigns outperformed non-personalized ones, leading to a 19% increase in Revenue per Email Recipient and an impressive 27% rise in Average Order Value.

Wojas, with the support of CDP technologies and Vecton as a partner, has established itself as a trailblazer in the fashion industry, prioritizing customer experience. We’re proud to be part of that growth. 

Want to learn more about this case study or how we can help you increase conversion, average order value, or customer lifetime value? We’d be delighted to partner with you on your online personalization journey. Talk to our marketing automation experts about what we can do together or ask any question.