Skip to content – the largest online bookstore in Poland – during Black Week 2020 expanded the segment of its brand’s most loyal customers by 5,000 people. Sales in the VIP customer segment grew by over 350%, increasing its share in sales by as much as 10 percentage points to over 25%. An innovative, multi-channel campaign entitled “Become a VIP” was planned and implemented by the Glosel team and the Vecton agency, using the Synerise platform.

The purpose of the automation campaign

The immediate goal of the campaign was to engage customers in additional communication channels and to increase the number of clients with registered accounts in the store.

The activities carried out on Black Friday 2020 are part of the long-term plan to strengthen customer loyalty and retention and build a community around the brand.


  • Scale – the largest online bookstore in Poland with over 14 years of history has a huge base of marketing communications subscribers, who the campaign sought to reach in a personalized way.
  • Omnichannel – the aim of the campaign was to expand the possibility of contacting customers with additional channels such as e-mail, SMS and store accounts. Web Push was also an important communication channel. Real-time data updates and communication across all touch-points were to be consistent and managed from one place.
  • Competition for attention – the intensity of Black Week promotions in Poland in 2020 was unprecedented, so consumer attention during the campaign was limited as never before.
    Campaign results

As a result of the campaign, the VIP customer segment increased by 5,000 people, and the daily increase in VIP segment customers was, on average, 400% higher than in the period without the campaign.

People who responded to the campaign and became VIP customers made:

  • more expensive purchases – The average value of the basket during Black Week was over 10% higher than among other customers.
  • more frequent purchases – The percentage of people with more than one purchase during Black Week was 2.5% higher.

The final effect of all activities exceeded all expectations: during Black Week, sales in the VIP customer segment increased by over 350%, resulting in an increase in the share of VIP customers in sales by as much as 10 percentage points to over 25%.

Black Week 2020 at was a multi-level carousel of processes, activities and coordinated events. Marketing Automation worked on a high volume, including: omnichannel communication, personalization, segmentation updated in real time and a multitude of actions depending on the recipient’s reaction – all focused on a huge base of marketing communication subscribers and a Customer Data Platform – contributing to increased customer retention and high sales results in this period. Thanks to professional cooperation with the Vecton agency, the entire process ran smoothly and effectively.

Kamil Krysiuk, Marketing Automation Coordinator at Glosel

What made the automation so successful?

  • Segmentation – customer segments were defined by communication channels. Particularly important in the campaign was the segment of the most loyal VIP customers – with an account in the store and communicating via all channels: e-mail, SMS and web push.
  • Technology – the campaign was carried out using the Synerise platform, which is a comprehensive platform for collecting and analyzing all data in real time, while also integrating e-mail, SMS, web push and website channels, as well as collecting full Single Customer View data. The integration of all these elements in one place enables efficient communication with end customers.
  • Experience and competence – The implementation of this campaign is an example of a partnership between the Glosel team and the Vecton agency.

Implementation details

As the basis of the campaign, in the Synerise platform, we prepared updated customer segmentation in real time, taking into account:

  • customer communication channels: e-mail, SMS, web push
  • customer activity: active, inactive

For active customers, the campaign consisted of 3 waves of different messages with intervals from 24 to 48 hours with gradual exclusion of those customers who were converting in the meantime.

Inactive contacts received a maximum of one e-mail and one web push. Due to the large size of the inactive database, the campaign plan minimized the reputation risks of the mailing domain.

In order to ensure b, we created two automation scenarios in the Synerise platform. The main scenario was responsible for sending personalized messages using channels appropriate to the client (e-mail, web push, SMS). An additional scenario was sending an e-mail confirmation informing recipients how to obtain the VIP client status.

Here is the main scenario view:

Summary of the cooperation

The “Become a VIP” campaign supported the long-term goals of the brand – that is, increasing customer engagement and building a community around the brand.

Multi-channel, personalized contact, with the use of constantly updated segmentation, on the scale of the customer base of the largest online bookstore in Poland was a challenge that we successfully dealt with by:

  • ensuring that customers only received the right messages, only on the chosen channels and only at the time specified in the campaign plan.
  • protecting the e-mail shipping domain from spam traps.

Most importantly, we have achieved satisfactory results in a very difficult area of ​​customer loyalty.

If your company is facing similar challenges and you are looking for solutions to effectively develop your business, take advantage of Vecton’s experience and check out the unlimited possibilities of the Synerise ecosystem.