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Marketing Automation Implementation – Myths and Facts

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Marketing Automation Implementation - Myths and Facts

Learn the facts and myths about the implementation of marketing automation - technical issues and process planning - through the eyes of a Vecton expert....

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Customer Experience Management - what is it and why does it matter?

What is Customer Experience Management and what should it look like in practice? Learn from the article...

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How strengthened customer relations during Black Week 2020 | Case study

How does the automation campaign for the largest online bookstore in Poland look like in practice? We summarize and share the results of work with the Glosel team for…...

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vecton effective email reactivation

An effective email reactivation campaign checklist

Engagement of email marketing recipients is so important in planning and conducting any communication via this channel. Sending messages to people who don't open them is extremely risky, especially if…...

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vecton multichannel communication

How to plan multichannel communication for Black Friday 2020

Let’s assume that you’ve already prepared a set of Black Friday offers. But there is still a question: how to pass these offers to your customers effectively, taking into account…...

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vecton product recommendation models

How to modify product recommendation models before the Black Friday to increase their effectiveness

Black Friday 2020 will significantly differ from the other Black Fridays in the previous years. COVID-19 pandemic effects negatively affect the offline commerce yet they favor sales via the internet…...

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vecton implementing live chat

Why is it important to implement Live Chat in your e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Numerous companies are unaware of the importance of customer service in their online businesses. One of the major challenges with e-commerce is that many of the customers visiting your website…...

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